I offer a variety of Online Coaching options including a series of Demo videos and Workshop recordings from 2020 and 2021 and a brand new series in 2022 which students can purchase access to. You can click on each image below to see the menu of videos for each series.

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Topic Theory & Demos

In this video series, we go breakdown the theory of each exercise that creates the foundation of our training journey. Included in each meeting are demo videos with my own horses.


Topic Workshops

In this series of online workshops, a variety of students send in videos of themselves and their own horses working through each of the Topic exercises along with live feedback from me.

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Online Workshops

During the 2021 we did monthly online workshops where students recorded what they were working on with their horses and I give live feedback on their videos.


sTEp-by-sTEp Series

This series consists of demo videos from basics to more advanced specific exercises with my own horses along with online workshops where students video themselves training these sTEp-by-sTEp exercises with their horses with live feedback from me.

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I loved watching the conversation with Ilios and how you used his ideas to help you figure things out. The idea of not correcting a horse when he is trying his heart out, but of guiding him within that try to organically find a posture that is more beneficial and less constricted. Definitely taking that one to heart. I also loved the emphasis on micro-releases that show the horse which direction/path to follow. And then I enjoyed watching how the releases escalated from tiny micro (almost imperceptible) releases to a proper visible release to release relax and then, in the end, to release relax reward. Watching the way Merida took these releases was really really educational. Great session, thank you!