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Blue Gradient

Join the membership for monthly support in your learning and growth. Audit or participate in the monthly online classes, watch training demo videos of Zaneta with her own horses, and join in the Iive Q&A's to get answers to any questions you have.

Blue Gradient

All classes from 2020 are available for single purchase. You don't need to be a part of the membership to learn from these videos. You can also pick and choose specific videos to suit your needs.

Blue Gradient

You can contact Zaneta to set up private coaching to suit your needs. Private coaching can be provided through:

  • Zoom meetings where you can ask your questions live. 

  • Sending Zaneta a video along with your questions and requesting a video voice-over.

  • A live-streamed lesson using Pivo Meet or similar to have a lesson with your horse in real-time.



I loved watching the conversation with Ilios and how you used his ideas to help you figure things out. The idea of not correcting a horse when he is trying his heart out, but of guiding him within that try to organically find a posture that is more beneficial and less constricted. Definitely taking that one to heart. I also loved the emphasis on micro-releases that show the horse which direction/path to follow. And then I enjoyed watching how the releases escalated from tiny micro (almost imperceptible) releases to a proper visible release to release relax and then, in the end, to release relax reward. Watching the way Merida took these releases was really really educational. Great session, thank you! 

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