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"The knowledge of the nature of the horse is one of the first foundations of the art of riding it, and every horseman must make it his principal study" 
~ Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere ~

"Connection before concepts. Attunement before asking. Partnership before procedures."
“Through attuned connection with ourselves, our bodies and others, we find healing, regulation, and an increased capacity for aliveness.”
~ Sarah Schlote ~

"You must in all Airs follow the strength, spirit, and disposition of the horse, and never go against nature; for art is but to set nature in order, and nothing else" 
~ William Cavendish, Duke of Newcastle ~

"Come bearing gifts."
"Create a connection before you give direction."
~ Dr. Jenifer Zeligs ~

"Riding is not a sport - it is an art.
There is nothing to win except the heart of your horse."
~ Bettina Biolik ~


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