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I work with students in private lessons as well as in local and international group clinics.

In this setting, I work hands-on with students and their horses to build their foundation in the principles of reinforcement training as well as how to start developing healthy posture and balanced movement with their horses.


I love to meet students where they are with their horses, addressing their needs as well as prioritising the well-being of their horses. So depending on each student's experience level as well as their horse's level of education, I can tailor-make specific exercises and training plans, to address any specific issues they are encountering and help them take the next step in their journey with their horses.


You are welcome to contact me directly to learn more about this in-person coaching option.

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I also offer private online coaching for those who prefer one-on-one guidance.

  • You can send me video clips of your training request a video voice-over where I go through your video and give you tips and feedback as well as answer any questions you have sent me in advance.

  • You can also request a Zoom meeting to go over the videos together and discuss solutions, next steps, brainstorm tailor-made exercises, and I can answer any questions you may have during the meeting.


You can contact me directly to discuss the different private online coaching options.

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In the Equusynergy Online Classroom, I host monthly online events where students can:

  • Participate by sending in video clips of their training to get feedback from me.

  • Spectate to learn from the participant's lessons.

  • Learn from training demo videos of my own horses.

  • Join live Zoom Q&A's where students can ask me questions about the topic of the workshop, or about their own horses.


These online events are a fantastic way to continue being supported in between hands-on lessons/clinics or private online coaching. You can find these classes in the Online Classroom Membership.

I am also offering a 2024 Birthday Gift Discount on the Online Classroom Membership, so before you sign up, make sure to claim your gift!

I have been fortunate enough to have been a student of Zaneta’s since November 2017 - from Straightness Training (ST) through to Mustang Maddy and +R training. My partner is an OTTB, named Canti. At the time, I had just bought him – he had just turned four and had been off the track for a few months. I chose him because of his sweet nature. I could tell that he would try his heart out for me - if I could find the right way to train him. At the same time, he was very unbalanced, even for an OTTB. He was unable to bring his hind legs near his centre of mass and walked like a cowboy behind. So how to address his physical imbalances without ruining his wonderful nature? Particularly bearing in mind that I am not the most talented rider and that I had not ridden in approximately 17 years.


Enter Zaneta and ST. My eyes were opened (wide) to a whole new way of working with horses, very different to the conventional methods of training and riding that I had learned in my previous horsey life. I was an instant convert and I have not looked back. Now that my eyes have been opened, it would be unthinkable for me to return to conventional training and riding methods. In the first year (already), my boy’s natural asymmetry improved immensely. He went from walking like a cowboy behind to being able to do all his lateral movements at walk, on the ground, and in riding. And without detracting from his sweet nature at all. We are still working on establishing the classical dressage exercises. With more lightness and softness, in the other gaits and at liberty. In addition, we now have a powerful (and fun) new tool kit, in the form of +R training methods, which Zaneta also introduced us to after she found Mustang Maddy towards the end of last year.


Zaneta is an expert in the following: reading horses’ thresholds and body language, ethical and effective -R training methods (pressure release), ethical, effective, and choice-based +R training methods, training at liberty, the classical dressage exercises and principles, and healthy biomechanics. She is also an excellent teacher – able to break concepts and exercises down for both horse and human in a way that builds the self-confidence of both. And I can honestly say that I have loved every second of every lesson. I say a prayer of gratitude on a regular basis that our paths crossed, and I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nicole Lewis, South Africa

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