The essence of Terpsichore Classical Horsemanship is outlined in the name - 

"Terpsichore" (terp·si·kuh·ree) is one of the nine Greek muses, she is the goddess of dance.

Her name means to delight in dancing. 

"Classical" means representing an exemplary standard within a traditional and

long-established form or style.

"Horsemanship" is the art and skill of handling, training, and riding horses.

This is what we strive to embody in our training with horses -

a delight in the process of learning to dance together as we study and put into practice the wisdom of the grandmasters from the ground, at liberty, and in riding.


In my search for a balance between the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual areas of being with and working with horses, I studied and qualified with Marijke de Jong® and the Straightness Training Academy® as a licensed Licensed ST Instructor and Academy Coach in the ST Scholars Program®. You can read more about this amazing program by clicking on the "Straightness Training®" button at the top of the page.

On this path of learning and growth, I have experienced over and over again how authenticity and awareness along with an understanding of the heart, mind, body, and spirit connection are the way to dancing in harmony with our horses.


So this is my focus when I am with my own horses or when I am with a student and their horse. Everything starts and ends with this awareness and in refining our communication through this awareness. Then with an understanding of the essence of the exercises themselves, we can find balance, suppleness, strength, and mobility along with connection, harmony, creativity, and enjoyment in both horse and rider.

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