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Straightness Training® is a logical system of progressive exercises.

The Straightness Training Academy® is founded by Marijke de Jong®.


It is based on the wisdom and techniques of the dressage grandmasters - Gustav Steinbrecht, Francois Robichon de la Gueriniere, Antoine de Pluvinel, Francois Baucher,  William Cavendish, and Baron D'Eisenberg, to name a few. It takes this knowledge a step further by incorporating more modern concepts like learning theory, behavioural science, and biomechanics.


Natural asymmetry is present in all horses and in ourselves. It is the natural curve of the spine to the left or to the right; it is also the horse's tendency to carry weight over one of its shoulders more than the other; it is visible in the pushing and carrying tendencies of each of the hind legs as well as in the horse's movement on a circle and straight line.


All of these natural asymmetries in our horses' bodies present challenges in the training process which, if not addressed correctly, can create bigger and bigger problems for the horse and can even result in lameness and behavioural issues.

Straightness Training® can be thought of as Pilates for horses. It is a method that can be added to any form of training to improve a horse's natural asymmetry.

To find out more about Straightness Training® visit:

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