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This is the video library of our 2023 set of Monthly Online Workshops, Demo videos, Theory, and Live Zoom Q&A meetings. Click on each of the sections to see the menu of classes.

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Cultivating Regulation & Resilience in Horses & Humans

This first essence is about developing a sense of awareness of your own body as well as your horses. Noticing when you or your horse are triggered by a stimulus and being able to hold space for the natural down-regulation of the autonomic nervous system. We also include exercises that can help with down-regulation in both horses and humans if needed. It is about creating a felt sense of safety for both you and your horse at the start of a session as well as during the session.

Exploring + Reinforcement & Targeting as a Training Tool

The second essence is about creating a foundation in our communication based on a primarily appetitive experiences for the horse, i.e. the horse participates because there is something enjoyable in it for them, rather than to avoid correction/punishment/discomfort. We are creating a basis for safety and learning through communication rather than obedience. We set up a language using targeting to explain our requests to our horses as well as ways for the horse to indicate to us when they feel comfortable enough to start an activity, how they feel during the activity, and how to let us know that they would like the activity to stop.

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Developing Healthy Biomechanics through Classical Principles

The third essence is about teaching our horse the classical exercises on the ground and in riding, so that when we ask them to move, it is in a way that benefits and develops rather than stresses or damages their body. Healthy biomechanics promote balance, mobility, suppleness, strength, and coordination which encourages our horses to be relaxed and confident in their movement whether they are next to us on the ground or carrying us in riding. Balanced movement also feels good, so we create an intrinsically rewarding experience for our horses by helping them move this way with us.

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