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Blue Gradient

2022 Monthly Online Classroom Set

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This set of videos contains all 8 Online Workshops and the accompanying Zoom Q&A meetings from 2022. This video set documents Zaneta's journey into exploring nervous system regulation (as taught by Sarah Schlote) and positive reinforcement (as taught by Mustang Maddy). Zaneta and the students grow into these new concepts over these 8 Online Events, integrating them with the Classical Dressage biomechanics from Zaneta's background in Straightness Training. Zaneta has subsequently signed up for Sarah Schlote & Dr. Stephen Peters's Equuscience course which will be completed in January 2024 and she has completed training in Mustang Maddy's HCA November 2022 class. All the newest insights and learnings are incorporated in the Equusynergy Online Classroom.



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