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2022 Keep the Yes Demo Day 1: Moon

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This video set includes the Day 1 Introduction and the Day 1 video of the Keeping the Yes Shining Through training with Moon: An example of being able to flow from one question to the next with a horse who is enthusiastically consenting to the conversation and how we can start to create quality in the exercises in collaboration with the horse. Disclaimer: This video shows the very beginning of our exploration into choice-based training and nervous system regulation. A lot of the tools shown have evolved into different ways of applying them. It doesn’t mean the approach and advice in these videos are wrong, but my own experience and learning have added new concepts and tools to my toolbox. I still choose to share my earlier work with those with whom it still resonates. If you only want to learn from my latest coaching, you can follow the Equusynergy Online Classroom.





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